Barn Owlets emerge

This week the owlets have made their presence known. Both in sound; screeching every evening to encourage the adults to bring food and in physical presence; appearing at the entrance to the box. Our ‘birdie’ guest in Orchard Cottage captured these photographs around July 8th: firstly of one of the owlets looking out, for the return of its parents; and secondly, the adult Barn Owl returning to the box.

On 15th July we saw two owlets on the ‘veranda’ and both appeared to have lost their downy feathers. The owlets are expected to fledge later this week, early next when we can expect the parent birds to lure them from the nest.

The adult birds are probably the same pair that raised two owlets in the oak tree owl box last October. Barn owls are territorial and their territories normally extend to 2 – 4 sq km, and as the two boxes are only 100 metres apart it is highly likely that the parents have raised 4 owlets in the last 9 months. 

Owlet July 2015

Owl July 2015