Church Farm Wool

Church Farm Wool

We have just taken delivery of our first Wool from our Hampshire Downs. 16kg of processed Wool comprising 78 100g hanks and 77 100g balls.

Just before Christmas 30kg of fleece was sent to the Natural Fibre Company, based in Launceston Cornwall. The fleece went through a process of sort, scour and card before it was spun into balls, hanks or cones, which took nearly 3 months. By weight the finished Wool is roughly half the weight of the raw fleece.

The Wool is of a natural colour and is spun three-fold, double knit. Beautiful, warm soft wool it is renowned for being durable. As this is our first Wool, we are offering it for sale to our guests at cost price.

DK 100g Balls of 220 metres: Natural Colour £8.50

DK 100g Hank of 220 metres: Natural Colour £7.50

We will deliver; for which there will be a small charge to cover postage

We intend to dye some of the hanks and have them made up into throws and blankets for the cottages. Provided all goes well, with the sale of this year’s Wool, we will be looking to process more of our fleece in future years rather than just sending them to the British Wool Board. Indeed, once the restrictions are eased, we will be increasing our Church Farm flock with 3 Hampshire Down ewe lambs from an Essex breeder and 2 Southdown ewe lambs from a Norfolk breeder.