CL opening 28 February 2014

After a 4 month winter break the caravan site re-opened on Friday, 28 February 2014. During the winter we have installed railway sleepers on the far side of Pitch 5 to enable us to level and enlarge the pitch. It can now accommodate a caravan and awning on the hard-standing. To improve the approach from Cromer Road we have also topped the drives leading to the caravan site and the holiday cottages with 25 tons of shingle from the local quarry. A photograph of the drive to the CL is below.

 CL entrance 2014













We closed the cottages for 2 weeks at the beginning of January, for their annual thorough clean. We also took the opportunity to replace furnishings which were looking a little tired, install additional shelf space in the en-suites and to re-decorate all three cottages, although the colour scheme has been maintained, the cottages do look much fresher.

Unfortunately we lost 5 of our hens to a fox who noted that Ian had forgotten to shut the hens in their hutches for the night. Ian won’t be doing that again as the fox made short work of the egg-laying hens and left them for dead amongst all the feathers which were lost in their unequal struggle. Ian felt so bad that the five lost hens were replaced the same day by 10 hens from a local farm. All 10 hens are Rhode Island hybrids and are POL and so we expect to have sufficient eggs for our guests.

On a brighter note, two lambs, a ram lamb and a ewe lamb, were born to Daphne on 29 December, and two weeks later, Sheila gave birth to a single ewe lamb. This year the lambs have been creep fed and kept undercover overnight. As a result they have grown much quicker than last years’, and at 8 weeks they were as much as 5 kg heavier. So hopefully we should do better in the sheep shows – we’ll probably do the smaller shows again; and may well show at the Hadleigh Show in May. The rams and ewes will be sheared this coming weekend, so they will be looking good for the early shows.

A Barn Owl has recently been seen roosting in the carte shed. However, it is frequently disturbed, so we have bought an additional owl box from the Barn Owl Trust, which we have sited on an Oak tree in the garden of Orchard Cottage. Hopefully the owl will use it.

With the approach of Spring and the warmer weather of recent days we look forward to the sunnier skies and the drier days continuing, and to welcoming you to our CL and cottages.