Developments for 2015

The early spring clean of the Cottages was completed last week. We also took the opportunity to replace the showers and the shower enclosures in the two en-suites of Orchard Cottage. The shower tray is slim-line and the door entrance is considerably lower affording easier access to the shower. The Hay Loft shower and enclosure, and the Stables shower will be replaced next year. As requested by a guest we have replaced the radiator in the twin bedroom of Orchard Cottage with one double the size to improve heat output. Where necessary the chairs have been reupholstered and seat covers and cushions replaced.

The Laundry roof has been retiled and we will be replacing the windows in the next month to hopefully eliminate water ingression. To this end we are removing all foliage on the front wall and replacing it with a mature bed. Finally we are repainting the walls and floor and installing a freezer for the use of our cottage guests.

The Caravan site season has been extended for 2015 as requested by a number of our guests from Friday, 27th February to Monday, 23rd November. The November 2015 tariff is £14 per night, the same as October. As previously noted, our 2015 prices are unchanged from 2014, and range from £14 per night in low season to £18 per night from mid-July/August. The laundry will also be available to our caravan site guests who book for 14 days or more – there is no charge for the use of these facilities.

We have increased our flock of chickens to 21, having recently been gifted 4 Brahmas. They are an old breed and were first introduced to the UK in 1852 when a crate of Brahmas was gifted to Queen Victoria, so we are in good company. The breed has distinctive feathered legs and feet and a pea comb and is a heavy breed, weighing over 2.5 kilos. They come in a variety of types and colours; ours are white, dark (black), gold and dark Columbian. Their eggs are tinted, we have yet to see any this year, although last year they first started to lay in February; so we should see some soon!

Canon photos 004