Maintenance Programme

Our maintenance programme continues apace. Early in the year we replaced and upgraded the boiler in Orchard Cottage. The Worcester Bosch combi boiler is more efficient and provides better programme flexibility. Hay Loft had the same combi boiler installed in mid-December.

During the height of the Summer, we closed the Stables for two weeks; the roof was dismantled and renovated with new membrane, new ridge tiles and replacement of damaged roof tiles. The roof renovation took a week, and the repair of the interior décor, damaged when the new slats were hammered into position, took a further week. The difference is noticeable, particularly with the colder weather of recent days.

In mid-November our tree surgeons trimmed the ash and oak trees which had encroached onto the caravan site, the hot Summer causing a spurt of growth. It is amazing how the tree surgeons swing through the trees with their chain saws. Their saws are now electrically powered, considerably reducing the noise.