Seasons changing

Pink Footed geese flying into North Norfolk over the last few days herald the beginning of Autumn. The winds have swung round to the northwest, and the Pink Footed geese have taken advantage and flocks have winged their way to our shores. Their numbers are swelling by the day and thousands are making the long flight south from their breeding grounds in Iceland and Greenland. Some 100,000 spend the winter in Norfolk.

Earlier in the year we restored one of our owl boxes. The box was previously located in an oak tree in the back paddock, and although the Barn owls nested in it in earlier years, they haven’t used it recently due to the close proximity of a pair of Kestrels. The Kestrels hunt similar prey to the Barn owl and were seen to mob the resident owl and take its kill. Consequently, the owl moved further up the village, towards the school. In the hope of enticing the offspring of our once resident owl, we installed the renovated owl box, further away from the Kestrels, in the front paddock. In the last week we have seen owl feathers and pellets below our renovated box, so we remain hopeful.

Biennially, our tree surgeon has historically cut back the trees bordering the CL. He will be cutting the trees back again later in the Autumn. This year, due to the unseasonably warm weather, the Ash trees have grown substantially. So much so, that with the changing climate, the cut back will probably need to become an annual event. We are lucky to have five healthy Ash trees (two bordering the CL), to date they have escaped Ash die back which has swept the country.

Due to increasing demand, our electrician will be installing an electric car charging point. The EV Charger will be in place for 2023 and will be located on Pitch 2, so that it will be accessible to both CL and cottage guests. Pitch 2 will cease to be used as a CL pitch, although existing bookings will be honoured. The cost of charging together with the EV specification will be published nearer to the time of installation.

Our Wi-Fi for both our cottage and CL guests has been enhanced. The guest box, which sits between the BT Hub and the transmitter was recently upgraded. As a result, guests only need to log on once on arrival, there is no need to log on every day. Responsiveness and speed have also improved as the guest box has been decluttered of the software which controlled the daily logging on process.

Recently, we bought two Southdown lamb ewes, bringing the Southdown flock to 4. The lamb ewes were born in January this year. Initially befriended by Betsy and Nell, our existing Southdown ewes, they have become integrated into the flock, albeit low down the pecking order. Gladys and Pips are below.