Summer 2018 Update

Ice cream
Lamarti’s, a local ice cream vendor visits the CL most Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes between noon and 2pm. If you are a cottage guest, listen out for the ice cream jingle. Lamarti’s ice cream is white Italian style; best value being the one litre block which enables you to also enjoy their ice cream during the week.
The sheep were sheared late this year, in mid-June, due to a number of hic-ups, the latest befalling our regular shearer who pulled his groin muscle while shearing a commercial flock. A local shearer, Gareth Daniels, stepped in who was able to take the flock to his farm, less than 5 miles from Gresham, where the shearing equipment was set-up. Fortunately he was able to shear prior to the onset of the hot summer days.
We are thinking of sending the fleece to the The Natural Fibre Company, a mill in Cornwall. We thought it would be rather nice to produce a wool product from the Hampshire’s fleece rather than just sending it off to the British Wool Marketing Board. The mill will sort, scour and card the fleece before spinning it into a finished form. This can be pure or blended and spun into either wool or worsted yarn which will be returned in balls, hanks or on cones. Initially we will request that half of the balls be returned as pure Hampshire in a natural colour and half be mixed with black Alpaca to produce softer and grey coloured wool. If this is successful, we will also have future batches of fleece returned as cones which we will send to weaving companies for the making of blankets and throws.
The paths to the dog walking area, both from the cottages and the CL have been upgraded; concrete pathways replacing stepping stones.
Pitch 1 has been converted into a fully serviced pitch with a dedicated tap and grey water waste drain. This enables Pitch 1 guests to plumb fresh water in and waste water out. There will be a £2 premium for the use of this pitch to cover the outlay, but this will not be introduced until the 2019 season.
The fridge – freezer in the Laundry has been replaced with an upright freezer. This gives additional freezer space to CL guests staying 14 or more nights and to cottage guests.
Finally we are implementing a plan to improve the wi-fi for both CL and cottage guests. This will improve connectivity and enable users to connect more than one device at a time, and at a substantially reduced price. We are hopeful that this will be in place by the end of the month.